Globe Theatre

theater in London, England from 1868 to 1902

Geographical coordinates: 51.5131 -0.118611


English Globe Theatre (Newcastle Street)

The Globe was a Victorian theatre built in 1868 and demolished in 1902. It was the third of five London theatres to bear the name, following Shakespeare’s Bankside house, which closed in 1642, and the former Rotunda Theatre in Blackfriars Road, which for a few years from 1833 was renamed the Globe. The new theatre was also known at various times as the Royal Globe Theatre or Globe Theatre Royal. Its repertoire consisted mainly of comedies and musical shows.

The theatre's most famous production was Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas, which enjoyed a record-setting run there, having transferred from the Royalty Theatre. Other long-running pieces included the opéra-comique The Chimes of Normandy (1878) and the farce The Private Secretary (1884).

Source: Globe Theatre (Newcastle Street)

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