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The Jiro Daibutsu Memorial Museum is a memorial hall of the artist Jiro Daibutsu located at 113 Yamate-machi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is located next to the hill park with the view of the harbor. The design was designed by Shintaro URABE.

After Jiro Daibutsu's death, Yokohama City, which received a collection of books and supplies donated by the bereaved family, built a memorial hall in Yamate, Yokohama City, which became the stage for Jiro Daibutsu's works “Hijie” and “Homecoming”. (53) Opened on May 1. The memorial hall is a two-story building with arched roofs and red bricks. Various materials related to Jiro Daibutsu are exhibited, including literature and magazines collected by Jiro Daibutsu, materials for writing and supplies. In recent years, lectures by the Obutsu Jiro Prize laureates have been given on Saturdays in early March every year.

The architecture was inspired by France and Jiro Daibutsu. In the stairwell lobby on the first floor, cats that imaged the architecture of seven lanterns were selected from relics. In 1979, he won the 20th BCS award sponsored by the Architectural Industry Association

Source: 大佛次郎記念館

Japanese 大佛次郎記念館




Source: 大佛次郎記念館

ja 大佛次郎記念館
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