Wetherill Mesa

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mesa in Colorado

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Geographical coordinates: 37.20138 -108.54203


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Wetherill Mesa is a mesa located in Montezuma County, Colorado, United States. Culminating at 2,336 metres above sea level, it is protected within the Mesa Verde National Park.

In the canyons that flank the mesa are several major archaeological sites, including the Step House, the Long House and the Kodak House.

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French Wetherill Mesa

La Wetherill Mesa est une mesa américaine située dans le comté de Montezuma, au Colorado. Culminant à 2 336 mètres d'altitude, elle est protégée au sein du parc national de Mesa Verde.

Dans les canyons qui flanquent la mesa se trouvent plusieurs sites archéologiques majeurs, parmi lesquels la Step House, la Long House et la Kodak House.

Source: Wetherill Mesa


Basketmaker Pithouses1.6 km
Long House1.7 km
Two Raven House1.7 km
Pueblo Village1.8 km
Badger House Community1.8 km
Badger House1.9 km
Long House Overlook1.9 km
Kodak House2.8 km
Kodak House Overlook3.0 km
Rock Canyon Tower View3.1 km
ceb Wetherill Mesa (bukid sa Estados Unidos, Colorado)
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