Spitakavor Church of Ashtarak

cultural heritage monument of Armenia

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English Spitakavor Church of Ashtarak

Spitakavor Church (Armenian: Սպիտակավոր եկեղեցի); literally meaning white-colored church, is a 13th-century partly ruined Armenia church located at the edge of a gorge in the town of Ashtarak, Aragatsotn Province, Armenia.

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Georgian აშტარაკის სპიტაკავორის ეკლესია

აშტარაკის სპიტაკავორის ეკლესია (სომხ. Սպիտակավոր եկեղեցի) — XIII-XIV საუკუნეებით დათარიღებული ეკლესია ქალაქ აშტარაკში, არაგაწოტნის პროვინცია, სომხეთი.

Source: აშტარაკის სპიტაკავორის ეკლესია


English Spitakavor Church

Spitakavor meaning "whitish" is a triple-aisled basilica built in the 5th-6th centuries (most likely between 540-557). The front façade is whitewashed and has a lengthy inscription. Walls remain but the roof has since collapsed. Note: Some confusion about the name of the churches of Spitakavor and Tsiranavor has seemed to have occurred due to the misplacement of the Russian markers located inside the two structures. The ruins aren't impressive: if you aren't an expert, you can skip it.

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Russian Церковь Спитакавор

eo Spitakavorfa کلیسای اسپیتاکاوورhy Սպիտակավոր եկեղեցիhyw Սպիտակաւոր Եկեղեցիka აშტარაკის სპიტაკავორის ეკლესიაru Спитакавор
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