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Sakurabashi Bridge is a bridge over the Sumida-gawa River in Tokyo.

Founded in 1980 as a sister partnership between Taito Ward and Sumida Ward, the only pedestrian bridge in the Sumida River completed in 1985, has the role of a park connecting Sumida Park on both sides. The shape has a peculiar shape of the X-shaped plane. During the cherry blossom viewing season, many people cross this bridge to enjoy the cherry blossoms on both sides. Total construction cost of 28.30 million yen is half of Taito and Sumida wards.

The beautiful bridge allows you to see ingenuity in colors and materials taking into account harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Also known for being often used for filming such as movies, dramas, and variety, Miho Nakayama played a geisha in Mukojima in two roles “OHima come! (Fuji TV) Even appeared every time. It is also known as the first bridge that was blown up in the animated film “I'll be arrested”.

The east coast (Sumida Ward side) is a narrow area with Sumizutsumi-dori Street running behind it, and a cover is placed on the top of the street, which is integrated with the bridge.

When the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival is held, the area is the place where the fireworks launch (the first place), so the bridge and the surrounding area become a restricted zone.

Source: 桜橋 (東京都)

Japanese 桜橋 (東京都)







Source: 桜橋 (東京都)


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fr Pont Sakuraja 桜橋zh 櫻橋 (東京都)