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English Petaloudes

Petaloudes (Greek: Πεταλούδες) is a former municipality on the island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Rhodes, of which it is a municipal unit. Its population was 14,962 in 2011. It includes the villages of Kremasti, Paradisi, Theologos (Tholos), Damatria, Maritsa, and Pastida. The seat of the municipality was in Kremasti. The land area is 89.150 km2.The Petaloudes Valley (sometimes known as Valley of the Butterflies) is home to thousands of the Rhodes subspecies of the Jersey tiger moth (Euplagia quadripunctaria rhodosensis) that cover the entire landscape after the wet season (late May) due to the high humidity in the area. The Oriental sweetgum trees in Petaloudes Valley give off a scent that attracts the moths and creates a unique biotope. Owing to the increased number of visitors, the Euplagia are facing population issues as they have no stomach and when disturbed tend to fly frequently and thus deplete their energy.

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Czech Petaloudes

Petaloudes (řecky Πεταλούδες) je řecká obecní jednotka na ostrově Rhodos v Egejském moři v souostroví Dodekany. Do roku 2011 byla obcí. Nachází se v severovýchodní části ostrova. Na severu sousedí s obecní jednotkou Ialysos, na jihu s obecní jednotkou Kameiros a na východě s obecní jednotkou Kallithea. Je jednou z deseti obecních jednotek na ostrově.

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German Petaloudes

Petaloudes (griechisch Πεταλούδες (f. pl.)) ist ein Gemeindebezirk der Insel und Gemeinde Rhodos in der griechischen Region Südliche Ägäis. Verwaltungssitz war die Kleinstadt Kremasti. Der Gemeindebezirk ging nach der Verwaltungsreform 2010 aus der gleichnamigen Gemeinde hervor, die nach dem Tal der Schmetterlinge (Κοιλάδα των Πεταλούδων Kiláda ton Petaloúdon) benannt worden war.

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Italian Petaloudes

Petaloudes, in italiano nota come: Valle delle Farfalle (in greco: Πεταλούδες, che significa appunto "farfalle"), è un comune della Grecia nella periferia dell'Egeo Meridionale (unità periferica di Rodi) con 12.133 abitanti al censimento 2001.

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Russian Петалудес

Петалу́дес (греч. Δήμος Πεταλούδων) — бывшая община на севере Родоса в номе Додеканес. Население — 14 962 жителя по переписи 2011 года, площадь 89,15 квадратного километра.

С 2011 года по программе «Калликратис» упразднена и присоединена к общине Родосу в периферийной единице Родосе в периферии Южных Эгейских островах.

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Rhodes International Airport3.6 km
Bee museum of Rhodes5.4 km
Kremasti-Trianta Electra7.8 km
Trianta B8.2 km
Kallithea9.0 km
Filerimos9.4 km
Faliraki 411.2 km
Faliraki 511.5 km
Faliraki A11.5 km
Faliraki 5-Epsilon11.6 km
el Δήμος Πεταλούδωνfi Petaloúdesja ペタルデスnn Petaloúdesru Петалудес
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