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English Odessa Archeological Museum

The Odessa Archaeological Museum is one of the oldest archaeological museums in Ukraine. It was founded in 1825; the current museum building was completed in 1883.

Since 1997, the Odessa Archeological Museum has functioned not only as a museum but also as an institute for scientific research into the archeology of primitive society in the Northern Black Sea region and the archeology of the Middle Ages. The museum conducts expositions, restorations and publishing activities.

The museums has a collection size of more than 160,000: archeological finds from the northern Black Sea region, the largest collection in Ukraine of Ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, stone slabs with hieroglyphics and fragments of papyrus, Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman exhibits. The museum is also famous for its collection of coins and medals. There are over 50,000 coins in the museum treasury from Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire, Ancient Kievan Rus and coins of the Russian Empire from the Romanovs' dynasty. A few years ago the Leventis Foundation of Cyprus funded the new Greek and Cypriote gallery at the museum; because of the large number of Greeks in Odessa in the 19th century, the museum has rich collections of material from both areas.

The museum's address is 4 Lanzheronovskaya Street, 65026, Odessa, Ukraine

Source: Odessa Archeological Museum

Polish Muzeum Archeologiczne w Odessie

Muzeum Archeologiczne w Odessie – muzeum w Odessie na Ukrainie mające w swojej kolekcji zabytki archeologiczne pochodzące z północnego wybrzeża Morza Czarnego od epoki kamienia do średniowiecza oraz starożytności z Egiptu, Grecji, Cypru i Rzymu. Posiada również dużą kolekcję numizmatów.

Zarządzane jest przez Narodową Akademię Nauk Ukrainy.

Source: Muzeum Archeologiczne w Odessie

Russian Одесский археологический музей

Одесский археологический музей НАН Украины — старейший на Украине археологический музей, входящий в состав Южного научного центра НАН Украины и МОН Украины.

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Ukrainian Одеський археологічний музей

Оде́ський археологі́чний музе́й НАН України — найстаріший в Україні археологічний музей, науково-дослідний інститут Відділення історії, філософії та права НАН України, входить до складу Південного наукового центру НАН України та МОН України.

Source: Одеський археологічний музей

Chenese 敖德薩考古學博物館


Source: 敖德薩考古學博物館

German translation from Ukrainian

Das Archäologische Museum von Odessa der Nationalen Akademie der Wissenschaften der Ukraine - das älteste archäologische Museum in der Ukraine, Forschungsinstitut der Abteilung für Geschichte, Philosophie und Recht des NAS der Ukraine, ist Teil des südlichen wissenschaftlichen Zentrums des NAS der Ukraine und des MES der Ukraine.

Source: Одеський археологічний музей

French translation from Ukrainian

Le Musée archéologique d'Odessa de l'Académie nationale des sciences d'Ukraine - le plus ancien musée archéologique d'Ukraine, institut de recherche du Département d'histoire, de philosophie et de droit du NAS d'Ukraine, fait partie du Centre scientifique du Sud du NAS d'Ukraine et du MES d'Ukraine.

Source: Одеський археологічний музей


English Archaeological Museum

Founded in 1883. An impressive exhibit of the Tripolye, Chernyakhovo and other ancient cultures. Ancient sarcophaguses and the rich collections of jewellery. It is one of the oldest archaeological museums in Ukraine and the post-Soviet countries which was founded in 1825. Since 1997 Odessa archaeological museum functions not only as a museum but also as institute of scientific research. The major directions of scientific research of Odessa museum are: archaeology of primitive society in Northern Black Sea region, archaeology of the Middle Ages. The museum conducts expositions, restorations and publishing activities.The museums possesses more than 160 000 exhibits: archaeological finds of The Black Sea Northern region, the largest in Ukraine collection of Ancient Egypt (sarcophagi, stone slabs with hieroglyphics and fragments of papyrus, funeral inventory); Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome exhibits. The museum is also famous by its collection of coins and medals. There are over 50 000 coins in the museum treasury: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Byzantine Empire, Ancient Kievan Rus, coins of Russian Empire Romanovs' dynasty.

Address Lanzheronivs’ka,4
Price 18 грн, Excursion 40 грн
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