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district in East London, England

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English Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green is an area in the East End of London centred 1 mile (1.6 km) northeast of Liverpool Street station. It has two Overground stations (one being named Cambridge Heath) and one Underground station. It currently also gives its name to an electoral ward of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and co-encompasses St Peter's ward (emulating its Anglican daughter parish to that saint). Part of the area holds conservation area status, chiefly due to protected small, public greens and listed buildings. The area emerged from the hamlet which developed around the Green, much of which survives today as Bethnal Green Gardens, beside Cambridge Heath Road.

Economic focus has shifted from mainstream farming produce for the City of London – through highly perishable goods production (market gardening), weaving, dock and building work and light industry – to a high proportion of commuters to city businesses, public sector/care sector roles, construction, courier businesses and home-working digital and creative industries. Identifiable slums in the maps of Booth in Life and Labour of the People in London (3 editions, 1889–1903) were in large part cleared before the aerial bombardment of the Second World War which accelerated clearance of many tightly packed terraces of small houses to be replaced with green spaces and higher-rise social housing. In 1943, such a bomb killed 173 people at Bethnal Green Underground station. Bethnal Green has stations on the London Underground and London Overground. In 2005, commuters on Hackney Road which straddles Bethnal Green and Haggerston bore a terrorist attack on London bus route 26 amid others on the same day.

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Spanish Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green es un barrio del municipio londinense de Tower Hamlets. Se encuentra a unos 5,3 km (3,3 mi) al este de Charing Cross, Londres, Reino Unido. Según el censo de 2011 contaba con una población de 27849 habitantes.[1]​

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French Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green est un district qui fait partie du borough londonien de Tower Hamlets. Il est situé à 5,3 kilomètres au nord-est de Charing Cross. Globe Town occupe le secteur est.

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Italian Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green è una zona di Londra, situata nel distretto di Tower Hamlets, a circa 5,3 km a nord-est di Charing Cross. La zona orientale del distretto è chiamata Globe Town.

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Korean 베스널그린

베스널그린(Bethnal Green)은 런던의 한 구역으로, 인구는 26,554명이다.

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Dutch Bethnal Green (wijk)

Bethnal Green is een gebied in het Londense bestuurlijke gebied Tower Hamlets, in de regio Groot-Londen. Het wordt als onderdeel van East End beschouwd. Bethnal Green telt ruim 26.000 inwoners (2007).

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Polish Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green – dzielnica Londynu (Anglia), leżąca w gminie Tower Hamlets, we wschodniej części miasta.

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Swedish Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green är en stadsdel i East End, London.

Den var tidigare känd för sin läderindustri.

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Chenese 貝思納爾綠地

貝思納爾綠地(Bethnal Green)是英國倫敦的一個地區,在行政區劃上屬於哈姆雷特塔倫敦自治市。貝思納爾綠地位於查令十字東北3.3英里(5.3公里)處,在歷史上曾屬於米德塞克斯郡。


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