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English Duke of Bedford

Duke of Bedford (named after Bedford, England) is a title that has been created six times (for five distinct people) in the Peerage of England. The first and second creations came in 1414 and 1433 respectively, in favour of Henry IV's third son, John, who later served as regent of France. He was made Earl of Kendal at the same time and was made Earl of Richmond later the same year. The titles became extinct on his death in 1435. The third creation came in 1470 in favour of George Neville, nephew of Warwick the Kingmaker. He was deprived of the title by Act of Parliament in 1478. The fourth creation came 1478 in favour of George, the third son of Edward IV. He died the following year at the age of two. The fifth creation came in 1485 in favour of Jasper Tudor, half-brother of Henry VI and uncle of Henry VII. He had already been created Earl of Pembroke in 1452. However, as he was a Lancastrian, his title was forfeited between 1461 and 1485 during the predominance of the House of York. He regained the earldom in 1485 when his nephew Henry VII came to the throne and was elevated to the dukedom the same year. He had no legitimate children and the titles became extinct on his death in 1495.

The Russell family currently holds the titles of Earl and Duke of Bedford. John Russell, a close adviser of Henry VIII and Edward VI, was granted the title of Earl of Bedford in 1551, and his descendant William, 5th Earl, was created Duke following the Glorious Revolution.

The subsidiary titles of the Duke of Bedford, all in the Peerage of England, are Marquess of Tavistock (created 1694), Earl of Bedford (1550), Baron Russell, of Cheneys (1539), Baron Russell of Thornhaugh in the County of Northampton (1603), and Baron Howland, of Streatham in the County of Surrey (1695) (and possibly the Barony of Bedford, which was merged into it in 1138, 1366 or 1414). The courtesy title of the Duke of Bedford's eldest son and heir is Marquess of Tavistock.

Every Duke from the 5th Duke onwards is descended from Charles II of England. The family seat is Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire. The private mausoleum and chapel of the Russell Family and the Dukes of Bedford is at St. Michael's Church in Chenies, Buckinghamshire (photo). The family owns The Bedford Estate in central London.

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German Duke of Bedford

Duke of Bedford ist ein erblicher britischer Adelstitel, der fünfmal in der Peerage of England verliehen wurde. Der Titel ist nach dem Ort Bedford in England benannt.

Der Familiensitz der heutigen Dukes ist Woburn Abbey bei Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire; bis 1918 besaßen sie auch das Bedford House in London.

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Spanish Duque de Bedford

Los títulos nobiliarios conde o duque de Bedford (nombrados a partir de Bedford, Inglaterra) fueron creados varias veces en la nobleza del Reino de Inglaterra, no en la del Reino Unido ni en la de Gran Bretaña.

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French Duc de Bedford

Les titres de comte et duc de Bedford ont été créés plusieurs fois dans la pairie d'Angleterre. Ils sont nommés d'après Bedford dans le Bedfordshire.

Les titres subsidiaires du duc sont tous dans la pairie d'Angleterre. Ils sont : marquis de Tavistock (créé en 1694), comte de Bedford (1550), baron Russell de Cheneys (1539), baron Russell de Thornhaugh (1603) et baron Howland de Streatham (1695).

Le titre de courtoisie du fils aîné du duc est marquis de Tavistock.

Le siège familial est à Woburn abbey près de Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

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Italian Duca di Bedford

Il titolo di Conte o Duca di Bedford (da Bedford, Inghilterra) venne creato e ricreato diverse volte all'interno della Paria d'Inghilterra. La prima creazione risale all'epoca di Hugh il Povero de Beaumont, e la seconda all'epoca di Enguerrand VII de Coucy, genero di Edoardo III d'Inghilterra, nel XIV secolo. Successivamente il ducato di Bedford venne creato per il terzo figlio di Enrico IV d'Inghilterra, Giovanni, che fu reggente in Francia. Venne creato nuovamente nel 1470 per George Neville, nipote di Richard Neville, conte di Warwick, e nuovamente nel 1485 per Gaspare Tudor, zio di Enrico VII d'Inghilterra.

La famiglia Russell attualmente detiene il titolo di conte e duca di Bedford. John Russell, consigliere strettamente legato a Enrico VIII d'Inghilterra, ottenne il titolo di 'Conte di Bedford nel 1551 ed un suo discendente, William, venne creato duca dopo la restaurazione della Gloriosa Rivoluzione.

Altri titoli sussidiari sono Marchese di Tavistock (creato nel 1694), Conte di Bedford (1550), Visconte Petersborough (1526), Barone Russell di Cheneys (1539), Barone Russell di Thornhaugh nel Northamptonshire (1603), e Barone Howland di Streatham nel Surrey (1695) (anche Barone di Bedford, nel 1138, e dal 1366 al 1414). Il titolo di cortesia per il figlio primogenito del duca reggente è Marchese di Tavistock.

La sede della famiglia è Woburn Abbey, nel Bedfordshire.

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Japanese ベッドフォード公爵

ベッドフォード公爵(英語: Duke of Bedford)はイングランド貴族の公爵位。爵位名はベッドフォードシャーのベッドフォードに由来する。過去に5度創設されており、現存する第5期のベッドフォード公爵位は、廷臣ジョン・ラッセルが1539年に叙されたラッセル男爵位と1551年に叙されたベッドフォード伯爵位を前身とし、1694年に第5代ベッドフォード伯ウィリアム・ラッセルが叙されたのに始まる。「ベドフォード」とも表記される。

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Portuguese Duque de Bedford

Os títulos nobiliárquicos Conde ou Duque de Bedford (nomeados a partir de Bedford, Inglaterra) foram criados várias vezes no Pariato da Inglaterra.

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Russian Герцог Бедфорд

Герцог Бедфорд (англ. Duke of Bedford) — герцогский титул в пэрстве Англии. Резиденцией герцогов с XVI века служит Уобёрн Эбби в Бедфордшире.

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Ukrainian Герцог Бедфорд

Герцог Бедфорд (англ. Duke of Bedford) — герцогський титул Англії, а потім Великої Британії. Резиденцією герцогів з XVI століття слугує Вобернське абатство у Бедфордширі.

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Chenese 贝德福德公爵

贝德福德公爵(Duke of Bedford)、英国金雀花、都铎、罗素家族的貴族头衔。



从五世公爵起,每一位公爵都是英国查理二世的后裔。家族所在地是贝德福德郡的沃本修道院(Woburn Abbey)。罗素家族和贝德福德公爵家族的私人陵墓和小教堂位于白金汉郡切尼耶斯的圣迈克尔教堂。该家族在伦敦市中心拥有贝德福德庄园。

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