Sultan II. Bayezid Külliyesi

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Amasya, Amasya İli, Turkey

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Geographical coordinates: 40.6502334 35.826668


English Sultan Beyazıt Külliyesi (Mosque Complex of Sultan Beyazit)

Prominent on the riverside, Amasya's largest mosque complex was built in 1486 and is dedicated to Beyazid II. It consists of two successively arranged domes and is dominated by two tall differently decorated minarets. Today, the complex also houses the city library (formerly a law school) as well as a soup kitchen and a miniature museum of Amasya. If you decide to splash out the 3 TL for the miniature museum make sure to stay for a full day-night cycle.

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tr Amasya İkinci Beyazıt Külliyesi
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