Zig Zag Railway

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English Zig Zag Railway

The Zig Zag Railway is an Australian heritage railway, situated near the town of Lithgow in the state of New South Wales. The line climbs the western flank of the Blue Mountains, using railway zig zags to gain height. It was opened by the not for profit Zig Zag Railway Co-op. Ltd. as an unpaid volunteer staffed heritage railway in October 1975, using the alignment of the Lithgow Zig Zag line that formed part of the Main Western line between 1869 and 1910.

Operation of the heritage railway was suspended in 2012 following accreditation issues with the New South Wales Government. The railway was aiming to resume services in October 2013, but was then severely damaged during the 2013 NSW Bushfires and then subsequently by torrential rain. Repairs are ongoing and trials of restored rail vehicles and track commenced in August 2016 and it is planned to re-commence limited heritage operations in 2019.

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German Zig Zag Railway

Die Zig Zag Railway war eine doppelte Spitzkehre im Zuge der Querung der Blue Mountains durch die normalspurige Transaustralische Eisenbahn. Heute wird dieser Streckenabschnitt als Museumseisenbahn betrieben.

Source: Zig Zag Railway

cy Rheilffordd Zig Zaghe רכבת זיג זגja ジグザク鉄道
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