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museum specializing in the display of objects relating to ships and travel on large bodies of water

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English Maritime museum

A maritime museum (sometimes nautical museum) is a museum specializing in the display of objects relating to ships and travel on large bodies of water. A subcategory of maritime museums are naval museums, which focus on navies and the military use of the sea.

The great prize of a maritime museum is a historic ship (or a replica) made accessible as a museum ship, but as these are large and require a considerable budget to maintain, many museums preserve smaller or more fragile ships or partial ships within the museum buildings. Most museums exhibit interesting pieces of ships (such as a figurehead or cannon), ship models, and miscellaneous small items associated with ships and shipping, like cutlery, uniforms, and so forth.

Ship modellers often have a close association with maritime museums; not only does the museum have items that help the modeller achieve better accuracy, but the museum provides a display space for models larger than will comfortably fit in a modeller's home, and of the museum is happy to take a ship model as a donation. Museums will also commission models.

There are thousands of maritime museums in the world. Many belong to the International Congress of Maritime Museums, which coordinates members' efforts to acquire, preserve, and display their material. There is a risk that too many maritime museums might dilute the experience for the public, while a poorly managed museum might put other municipalities off from the idea of hosting such a museum.At 19 acres (7.7 ha), Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut, US, can lay claim to the title of largest museum; it preserves not only a number of sailing ships, but also many original seaport buildings, including a ship chandlery, sail loft, ropewalk, and so forth. However, the UK's National Maritime Museum in Greenwich is also a contender, with many items of great historical significance, such as the actual uniform worn by Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar.

A recent activity of maritime museums is to build replicas of ships, since there are few survivors that have not already been restored and put on display. Another is operating a museum harbour, most notably in Germany and the Netherlands but elsewhere too, that offers mooring to privately owned historical vessels, which can be watched but not boarded.

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German Schifffahrtsmuseum

Ein Schifffahrtsmuseum (auch Schiffsmuseum, Seemuseum) beschäftigt sich allgemein mit Schiffen, mit der Schifffahrt und deren Geschichte. Im internationalen Sprachgebrauch wird oft der Begriff Maritimes Museum (z. B. englisch maritime museum) verwendet, der wesentlich umfassender ist als das ähnlich klingende deutsche Wort Marinemuseum und zum Beispiel auch die Meereskunde umfasst. Eine bessere englische Übersetzung wäre nautical museum für Schiffsmuseum und naval museum für ein Marinemuseum. Daneben gibt es auch U-Boot-Museen. Eine besondere Form ist das Museumsschiff. Thematisch ähnlich angelegt ist ein Hafenmuseum. Inhaltlich gibt es zahlreiche Überschneidungen, insbesondere was die Ausstellungsstücke anbelangt. Neben den staatliche Museen gibt es – oft anknüpfend an ein Museumsschiff oder einen bestimmten Standort – zahlreiche private Museen.

Eine Besonderheit ist das Deutsche Schifffahrtsmuseum in Bremerhaven: Die Gesamtanlage mit Gebäuden und Museumsflotte steht seit 2005 unter Denkmalschutz.

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Spanish Museo marítimo

Un museo marítimo es un museo especializado en la exhibición de objetos relacionados con los barcos y la navegación en mares y lagos. Un museo naval se centra en las marinas de guerra y el uso militar de la mar. Existen muchos museos navales y marítimos en todo el mundo, entre ellos:

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French Musée maritime

Un musée maritime est un musée consacré aux activités marines et lacustres de l'Homme.

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Japanese 海事博物館


Source: 海事博物館

Chenese 海事博物館


Source: 海事博物館

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