Katoomba Falls

Geographical coordinates: -33.727873 150.304491


English Katoomba Falls

The Katoomba Falls is a segmented waterfall that is located close to Echo Point near Katoomba on the Kedumba River descending into the Jamison Valley located within the Blue Mountains National Park in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia.

A tourist park with unpowered and powered camp sites and cabins is located near the head of the waterfall on Scenic Drive.

Source: Katoomba Falls

French Cascades de Katoomba

Les cascades de Katoomba, ou chutes de Katoomba, en anglais Katoomba Falls, sont des chutes d'eau de Katoomba, en Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, en Australie. On les observe notamment depuis le Scenic Skyway de Scenic World.

Source: Cascades de Katoomba


Scenic Skyway314 m
Katoomba Scenic Railway320 m
Scenic World331 m
Scenic Cableway351 m
Scenic Walkway473 m
Lilianfels585 m
Echo Point876 m
Blue Mountains1.2 km
Three Sisters1.3 km
Katoomba1.6 km
fr Cascades de Katoombata கடூம்பா நீர்வீழ்ச்சி
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