Gordon College

private Christian college in Massachusetts, USA

Geographical coordinates: 42.5898 -70.8229


English Gordon College (Massachusetts)

Gordon College is a private Christian college in Wenham, Massachusetts. The college offers 27 majors, 42 concentrations, and 11 interdisciplinary and pre-professional minors as well as graduate programs in education and music education. Gordon has an undergraduate enrolment of around 1,600 students representing more than 50 Christian denominations.

Source: Gordon College (Massachusetts)


English Gordon College

Address 255 Grapevine Road, Wenham


North Shore2.2 km
West Beach3.5 km
Myopia Hunt Club3.7 km
North Shore Music Theatre4.1 km
Mingo Beach4.6 km
Sagamore Hill Radio Observatory4.7 km
Patch Beach5.0 km
Misery Islands5.1 km
Wenham Museum5.5 km
Singing Beach5.7 km
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