Wimpole Street

street in City of Westminster, United Kingdom

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English Wimpole Street

Wimpole Street is a street in Marylebone, central London. Located in the City of Westminster, it is associated with private medical practice and medical associations. No. 1 Wimpole Street is an example of Edwardian baroque architecture, completed in 1912 by architect John Belcher as the home of the Royal Society of Medicine. 64 Wimpole Street is the headquarters of the British Dental Association.

Wimpole Street was home to a few celebrities, such as Paul McCartney who lived at the home of the Asher family at 57 Wimpole Street in 1964–1966 during his relationship with Jane Asher. At this address John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote "I Want to Hold Your Hand" in the front basement room, while McCartney wrote the tune to "Yesterday" in a box room at the top of the house.On the corner of Wimpole and Wigmore Street took place a legal case about causing a "nuisance" between neighbours, in Sturges v Bridgman (1879).

In 1932, Paul Abbatt and Marjorie Abbatt opened a toy shop, Paul & Marjorie Abbatt Ltd, designed by their friend, the architect Ernő Goldfinger, at 94 Wimpole Street. The shop was unique in that children were allowed to touch and play with the displayed toys.

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French Wimpole Street

Wimpole Street est une rue du centre de Londres, en Angleterre.

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Chenese 温坡街

温坡街(Wimpole Street)是英国, 伦敦西敏市的一条街道。温坡街1号是一座爱德华巴洛克建筑,由建筑师约翰·贝尔彻完成于1912年,为皇家医学会所在地。温坡街64号则是英国牙医协会总部。




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French Maison de Paul McCartney

Maison où vécurent, entre 1964 et 1966, Paul McCartney et pendant leur idylle. C'est aussi ici, dans une chambre mansardée, que Paul composa '.

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