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English Bartholomew Fair (play)

Bartholomew Fair is a Jacobean comedy in five acts by Ben Jonson. It was first staged on 31 October 1614 at the Hope Theatre by the Lady Elizabeth's Men company. Written four years after The Alchemist, five after Epicœne, or the Silent Woman, and nine after Volpone, it is in some respects the most experimental of these plays.The play was first printed in 1631, as part of a planned second volume of the first 1616 folio collection of Jonson's works, to be published by the bookseller Robert Allot—though Jonson abandoned the plan when he became dissatisfied with the quality of the typesetting. Copies of the 1631 typecast were circulated, though whether they were sold publicly or distributed privately by Jonson is unclear. The play was published in the second folio of Jonson's works in 1640–41, published by Richard Meighen.

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Spanish La feria de San Bartolomé

La feria de san Bartolomé (Bartholomew Fair) es una comedia en cinco actos de Ben Jonson, la última de sus cuatro grandes comedias. Se representó por primera vez el 31 de octubre de 1614 en el Teatro Hope por la compañía de los Lady Elizabeth's Men. Escrita cuatro años después de El alquimista, cinco después de Epicene, o la Mujer Silenciosa, y nueve después de Volpone, es, en ciertos aspectos, la más experimental de estas obras.[1]​

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es La feria de San Bartoloméja 浮かれ縁日la Bartholomew Fair
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