Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

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Geographical coordinates: 51.865 -0.929


English Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre is a railway museum operated by the Quainton Railway Society Ltd. at Quainton Road railway station, about 5 miles (8.0 km) west of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England. The site is divided into two halves which are joined by two foot-bridges, one of which provides wheelchair access. Each side has a demonstration line with various workshop buildings as well as museum buildings.

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مركز سكة حديد باكينغهامشير (بالإنجليزية: Buckinghamshire Railway Centre)‏ هو متحف للسكك الحديدية للحفاظ على تاريخ السكك الحديدية القديمة. تديره جمعية كوينتون للسكك الحديدية المحدودة في محطة کواينتون رود للسكك الحديدية، على بعد حوالي 5 ميل (8.0 كـم) غرب أيلزبري في باكينجهامشير بإنجلترا.

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English Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Some days are "Special Events", some "Steaming Days" and some "Static Viewing Days" - check before visiting if you e.g. want steam train rides.

Address Station Rd, Quainton HP22 4BY
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ar مركز سكة حديد باكينغهامشيرja バッキンガムシャー鉄道センターzh 白金漢铁路中心
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