La Botica del Ángel

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La Botica del Ángel is a Buenos Aires artistic space created by the animator, painter, set designer, actor and couturier Eduardo Bergara Leumann in the Montserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1966, through which figures of the Argentine art medium of national and international relevance passed and started.

Source: La Botica del Ángel

Spanish La Botica del Ángel

La Botica del Ángel es un espacio artístico porteño creado por el animador, pintor, escenógrafo, actor y modisto Eduardo Bergara Leumann en el Barrio de Montserrat de Buenos Aires, Argentina, en 1966, por el que pasaron y se iniciaron figuras del medio artístico argentino de relevancia nacional e internacional.

Source: La Botica del Ángel


English La Botica del Angel

Church/Old House that offers guided tours and where many cultural events take place. It is considered one of the places where "cafe concert" started.

Address Luis Sáenz Peña 541
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