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The Confectionery Ideal (or La Ideal) is a notable bar on Calle Suipacha 380/4 [1] in the micro-center of Buenos Aires city. It is valuable for its ornate and very well preserved interior decoration, which dates back to the 1910s.

It has been operating since 1912 [2] in the premises of 384 Suipacha Street, a two-storey building designed by engineer C. F. González at the request of its founder Don Manuel Rosendo Fernández, a merchant from Galicia. [3]

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Spanish Confitería Ideal

La Confitería Ideal (o La Ideal) es un bar notable en la calle Suipacha 380/4[1]​ en el microcentro de la ciudad de Buenos Aires. Es valioso por su decoración interior, recargada y muy bien conservada, que data de la década de 1910.

Funciona desde 1912[2]​ en el local de la calle Suipacha 384, un edificio de dos plantas diseñado por el ingeniero C. F. González por pedido de su fundador Don Manuel Rosendo Fernández, un comerciante oriundo de Galicia.[3]​

Source: Confitería Ideal


English Confiteria Ideal

A famous tango venue featured in many films. The building has beautiful architecture, and there are tango lessons and Milongas (dance parties) offered there daily.

Address Suipacha 384
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