Berlin Olympiastadion station

Railway station in Berlin, Germany

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English Berlin Olympiastadion station

Olympiastadion is a railway station in the Westend district of Berlin. Located at the southern entrance of the Olympic Stadium, it is served by the S-Bahn lines and . The station consists of one island platform which is in regular use, as well as four further terminal island platforms which are only used for the extra trains during major events.

The station opened in 1909 on the Westbahn suburban railway north of the Grunewald forest. It was then called Rennbahn after a horse racing circuit at the site of the today's stadium. Like the nearby U-Bahn station it received the name Stadion in 1913, when the Deutsches Stadion, projected for the 1916 Summer Olympics, was inaugurated. After Berlin was awarded the 1936 Summer Olympics the station was again renamed Reichssportfeld until it got its actual designation in 1960, spelled without a hyphen in contrast to the Olympia-Stadion U-Bahn station. Adjacent to the south is the Berlin Unité d'Habitation, erected in 1958 according to plans by Le Corbusier. The station was closed in 1980, following the boycott by West Berliners on the East German-run S-Bahn, and the 1980 Deutsche Reichsbahn strike, taking away almost all traffic from the terminus. Most of the West Berlin portion of the S-Bahn, including Olympiastadion, was closed until 1998. The station re-opened in 1999.

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German Bahnhof Berlin Olympiastadion

Der Bahnhof Berlin Olympiastadion ist ein Bahnhof im Berliner Ortsteil Westend. Er besteht aus einem Vorortbahnhof, der regulär von den Zügen der Berliner S-Bahn bedient wird, sowie einem Kopfbahnhof für Sonderzüge bei Veranstaltungen im nahe gelegenen Olympiastadion. Zur Eröffnung der Rennbahn Grunewald ging der Bahnhof im Mai 1909 unter dem Namen Rennbahn in Betrieb und wurde anlässlich der Olympischen Sommerspiele 1936 umfassend umgebaut. Zwischen 1980 und 1998 ruhte der Verkehr auf der Vorortbahn.

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French Gare de Berlin Olympiastadion

La gare de Berlin Olympiastadion est une gare ferroviaire à Berlin, dans le quartier de Westend. Il s'agit d'une gare de train de banlieue régulièrement desservie par les trains de la S-Bahn de Berlin et une gare de terminus pour les trains spéciaux lors de manifestations organisées dans le stade olympique voisin. À l'ouverture de l'hippodrome de Grunewald, la gare est mise en service en mai 1909 sous le nom de Rennbahn et est largement reconstruite à l'occasion des Jeux olympiques d'été de 1936.

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Italian Stazione di Olympiastadion

La stazione di Olympiastadion è una stazione ferroviaria di Berlino, posta sulla linea detta "Spandauer Vorortbahn" servita dai soli treni della S-Bahn. Prende il nome dallo stadio olimpico, posto nelle immediate vicinanze.

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