Sydney Water Head Office

heritage-listed building in Sydney, Australia

Geographical coordinates: -33.8749 151.2076


English Sydney Water Head Office

Sydney Water Head Office is a heritage-listed former office building, now the Primus Hotel Sydney (Chinese: 鉑瑞酒店), located in the Sydney central business district in New South Wales, Australia. The address of the building is 339–341 Pitt Street, Sydney, Australia. It was designed by Henry Budden & Mackey and built from 1938 to 1939 by Howie Moffat & Co. The building is also known as the Water Board Building and the Metropolitan Water, Sewerage and Drainage Board Headquarters. Following Sydney Water's relocation to Parramatta in 2009, it was adapted as a hotel called Primus Hotel, while the adjoining 1969 office building was extended as the Greenland Centre Sydney high-rise development. Primus Hotel Sydney is the first hotel outside China for the Primus Hotel chain owned by the Greenland Group, which itself is owned by the municipal government of Shanghai. It is also the first five-star hotel opened outside China by the Chinese government.It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 15 November 2002.

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Chenese 悉尼水務局總部

原悉尼自來水公司總部(英語:Sydney Water Head Office)是位於澳大利亞悉尼的歷史建築,現爲上海綠地集團旗下的悉尼鉑瑞酒店(Primus Hotel)。水務局總部大樓位於悉尼中心商務區皮特街339–341號,由亨利·拔登麥克艾(Henry Budden & Mackey)事務所設計,1938-1939年之間由豪威·莫發公司營建(Howie Moffat & Co)。大樓也被稱爲“水務局大樓”(Water Board Building)或(全稱)“大都會自來水、下水及排水事務局總部”。2009年悉尼自來水公司總部遷往西區巴拉馬打後,原總部大樓改造成爲鉑瑞酒店,而毗鄰的自來水公司1969年建造的高層辦公樓則擴建為悉尼綠地中心。悉尼鉑瑞酒店是鉑瑞連鎖酒店在中國境外的第一所酒店。鉑瑞連鎖酒店是綠地集團旗下的酒店品牌,而綠地集團本身則由上海市政府所有。悉尼鉑瑞酒店也是中國政府在中國境外建設的第一家五星級酒店。2002年11月15日,悉尼自來水公司總部登錄新南威爾士州遺產名錄(New South Wales State Heritage Register)。

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