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Storage and maintenance facility for streetcars in Toronto, Canada

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The Roncesvalles Carhouse is a storage and maintenance facility for the streetcar network of the Toronto Transit Commission. Located at the northwest corner of The Queensway and Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto, west of its downtown core, it is the oldest of the TTC's three active carhouses, serving vehicles on routes 501 Queen, 504 King, 505 Dundas, 506 Carlton, 511 Bathurst, and 512 St. Clair.

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For railfans: the Roncesvalles Carhouse, at northwest corner of the Queensway and Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto, is the oldest of the Toronto's streetcar depots opened in 1895 but the older building is from shortly after 1921 and there is a much more modern addition on the east side for the new low-floor streetcars. The south side of the facility is viewable from the public sidewalk.

Address 20 The Queensway
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