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Harnas Wildlife Foundation is an organization located in Namibia, approximately 300 km east of the capital Windhoek. Harnas is one of the few wildlife orphanages and medical centers in the world to take in abused, injured, and captured wild animals from Namibia, Botswana, and southern African nations, saving hundreds of animals per year.

Its mission is to protect life; done through the responsible and effective management, regulation and understanding of the resources necessary for this task.

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German Harnas

Harnas ist eine Farm mit privatem Wildschutzgebiet in Namibia, ungefähr 300 Kilometer östlich der Hauptstadt Windhoek und siebzig Kilometer nördlich von Gobabis. Sie wird von der Stiftung Harnas Wildlife Foundation betrieben.

Die gleichnamige dort ansässige Organisation betreibt ein Tierwaisenhaus und medizinisches Zentrum, das missbrauchte, verletzte und gefangen gehaltene, wilde Tiere aus Namibia aufnimmt. Des Weiteren wird die benachteiligte San-Bevölkerung aktiv unterstützt.

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English Harnas Wildlife Foundation

This farm and guest lodge offers an opportunity to see lion, leopard, and cheetah at one place. It is also one of the very few places where a pack of African Wild Dogs can be seen. At about 320 km from the capital Windhoek, and most of it on tar, a day trip is just about manageable. There is accommodation on a small camp site with 6 spots, or in bungalows. The place has a bar and a restaurant, and many tame animals. All those alpacas, warthogs, mongoose, crocodiles, monkeys, and a variety of poultry make this a great place for kids. That said, the name and the mission are deceiving, as apart from the occasional snake or scorpion roaming the camp site there is no wildlife on this farm. The place is a zoo, and the animals are in cages. At up to 3 hectares the cages are big, but no animal here in in its natural habitat in any way. Unfortunately there is also a zoo of regulations. Even overnight visitors are not allowed to walk away from the farm house. Transgressions carry fines, and staff reminds you all the time of all the Don'ts. To see the animals you have to book a guided tour. The 'Cheetah Walk' is not a tour on foot to watch cheetahs but it is the cheetahs who take a walk while you watch: The farmer takes domesticated cheetahs into his vehicle and you can watch them reconnecting with the rest of the pride.

Price Camp site 180 N$ pppn, children half price. Guided tours 290-500 N$. Beer 20 N$, sodas 10 N$. Light meals 50 N$, lunch / dinner 100 N$, steak 150 N$. Car repairs are free of charge for as long as you're staying overnight!
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