Mount Guanyin

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English Mount Guanyin (Dongguan)

The Mount Guanyin (simplified Chinese: 观音山; traditional Chinese: 觀音山; pinyin: Guānyīnshān) also known as the National Forest Park of Mount Guanyin (simplified Chinese: 观音山国家森林公园; traditional Chinese: 觀音山國家森林公園; pinyin: Guānyīnshān Guójiā Sēnlín Gōngyuán), is a 488-metre (1,601 ft) mountain on the border of Dongguan and Shenzhen in Zhangmutou Town of Dongguan, south China's Guangdong province. On December 28, 2009, it has been categorized as a 4A level tourist site by the National Tourism Administration. It was added to the International Eco-Safety Cooperative Organization of the United Nations's list of the model foundation of international ecological traveling in China in October 2006. Established in 2000, Mount Guanyin National Forest Park is a multifunctional park integrating ecological sightseeing, entertainment, bodybuilding and religious and cultural tourism.

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Arabic جبل غوانين (دونغقوان)

جبل غوانيين بالحروف الصينية المبسطةحروف_صينية_مبسطة: 观音山 ؛ و بالحروف الصينية التقليديةحروف_صينية_تقليدية: 觀音山؛ وبلبينيين: Guānyīnshān ، يقع على بعد 488 متر(1,601 قدمًا) على حدود مدينة دونغقوان و مدينة شنجن (الصين)

في مدينة تشانغموتو Zhangmutou في دونغقوان بمقاطعة غوانغدونغ جنوب الصين.

Source: جبل غوانين (دونغقوان)

Chenese 观音山国家森林公园


Source: 观音山国家森林公园


English Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park (观音山国家森林公园)

Address Bijiashan Avenue, Shixin District, Zhangmutou Town (樟木头镇石新区笔架山大道)
Price ¥45
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ar جبل غوانين (دونغقوان)zh 觀音山國家森林公園
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