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English Dongguan library

Dongguan Library (Chinese: 东莞图书馆; pinyin: Dōngguǎn Túshūguǎn) is a prefecture-level city public library in Dongguan, Guangdong province, People's Republic of China. In a twisted form of the lowercase letter “e”, the blue symbol is an icon of Dongguan library and its branches. The e icon stands for the digitalized and networked library. It looks like two stacked books as well as an open house which symbolizes that the library of “e” era is an open space integrating traditional and modern information in one for knowledge communication and interaction.

In Dongguan, when you find a library with this “e” label, you can feel free to enter and enjoy reading without any credentials.

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Chenese 东莞图书馆

东莞图书馆(英語:Dongguan library)是一座位于广东东莞的公共图书馆。

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English Dongguan Library (东莞图书馆)

Address Central Plaza, 100 Hongfu Road (鸿福路100号中心广场)
Price Free
zh 东莞图书馆
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