Murmanskiĭ oblastnoĭ kraevedcheskiĭ muzeĭ

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English translation from Russian

Murmansk Regional Museum of Local Lore is the oldest museum of the region, founded on October 17, 1926, and is located in a building that is a monument to the history of the city. He is engaged in the collection, storage, popularization of historical and cultural monuments in Murmansk Oblast.

On the south end side of the museum building is a monument to the icebreaking “Yermak”.

Source: Мурманский областной краеведческий музей

Arabic متحف مورمانسك الإقليمي

متحف مورمانسك الإقليمي (بالروسية: Мурманский областной краеведческий музей) أو المتحف الإقليمي لأوبلاست مورمانسك هو أقدم متحف في هذه المنطقة يقع في روسيا، خارج الدائرة القطبية الشمالية، حيث تم تأسيسه في 17 أكتوبر 1926 في مورمانسك. وتُديرهُ السيدة نينا بوريتشيفا (Nina Pourycheva).

Source: متحف مورمانسك الإقليمي

French Musée régional de Mourmansk

Le musée régional de Mourmansk, ou plus précisément musée régional de l'oblast de Mourmansk (Мурманский областной краеведческий музей), est le musée le plus ancien de cette région située en Russie, au-delà du cercle polaire, puisqu'il a été fondé le 17 octobre 1926 à Mourmansk. Il est dirigé par Mme Nina Pourycheva.

Source: Musée régional de Mourmansk

Dutch Regionaal museum van Moermansk

Het Regionaal museum van Moermansk (Russisch: Мурманский областной краеведческий музей) is een museum in Moermansk, Rusland. Het museum werd op 17 oktober 1926 geopend en is daarmee het oudste museum in de regio buiten de poolcirkel in Rusland.

Source: Regionaal museum van Moermansk

Russian Мурманский областной краеведческий музей

Мурманский областной краеведческий музей — старейший музей области, основан 17 октября 1926 года, расположен в здании, являющемся памятником истории города. Занимается комплектованием, хранением, популяризацией памятников истории и культуры Мурманской области.

С южной торцевой стороны здания музея находится памятник ледоколу «Ермак».

Source: Мурманский областной краеведческий музей

German translation from Russian

Das Regionalmuseum von Murmansk ist das älteste Museum der Region, das am 17. Oktober 1926 gegründet wurde und sich in einem Gebäude befindet, das ein Denkmal für die Geschichte der Stadt darstellt. Er beschäftigt sich mit der Sammlung, Lagerung und Popularisierung historischer und kultureller Denkmäler in der Oblast Murmansk.

Auf der Südseite des Museumsgebäudes befindet sich ein Denkmal für das Eisbrecher „Yermak“.

Source: Мурманский областной краеведческий музей


English Regional Museum of Local Lore (Мурманский областной краеведческий музей)

Founded in 1926, the Museum of Local Lore is the oldest in the region and by far the most popular, won numerous awards, and receiving around 100,000 visitors per year. Its vast collection of 160,000 historical objects is displayed on an area of 2612 m², making it also the largest museum in the region. Part of the collection is an extensive library with 18,000 books, original manuscripts, and magazines published in the Russian Artic. The permanent exposition spans 17 halls (with 2 more for temporary expositions), and covers subjects ranging from fauna and flora of the Murmansk Oblast to science and technology, history, and anthropology. The entire history of the region from ancient times to the present is presented: the archaeology of northern Kola, economy and life of the Sami people starting in the 17th and 18th century, founding of Romanov-on-Murman, the Russian Civil War, and life during the Soviet era. Of particular interest is the geological collection, with an accurate display of the Barents Sea floor, numerous minerals unique to the Murmansk Oblast, and core samples collected at the Kola Superdeep Borehole from depths down to 12 km in the earth's crust. Over 100 expositions are organised annually, and the museum attracts interest from students, locals, as well as tourists.

Address Lenin Ave. 90, Murmansk
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English Regional Museum

Contains displays on various themes, including ethnography of local peoples, a taxidermy display of local flora and fauna (including polar bear and moose), arctic explorations, and an extensive display on Murmansk's role in World War II. All displays in Russian only, cashier closes at 17:00.

Address Prospekt Lenina 90
Price , extra for photos

Italian Museo regionale delle tradizioni locali di Murmansk (Мурманский областной краеведческий музей)

Contiene disposizioni di varie tematiche, include etnografie di abitanti del posto, una tassidermia ed esposizione di flora e fauna locale (incluso orsi polari e alci), esplorazioni artiche, e un'estesa rappresentazione del ruolo di Murmansk durante la seconda guerra Mondiale. Tutte le rappresentazioni sono in russo, le casse chiudono alle 17:00.

Address Prospekt Lenina 90
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Hours Ven-Mer 11:00-17:45
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