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palace in Hyderabad, India

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English Falaknuma Palace

Falaknuma is a palace in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It originally belonged to the Paigah family, and was later owned by the Nizam of Hyderabad. It is on a hillock and covers a 32-acre (13 ha) area in Falaknuma, 5 kilometres from Charminar.

It was built by Nawab Sir Viqar-ul-Umra, Prime Minister of Hyderabad and the uncle & brother-in-law of the sixth Nizam. Falak-numa means "Like the Sky" or "Mirror of Sky" in Urdu.

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Spanish Palacio de Falaknuma

El palacio de Falaknuma (en inglés, Falaknuma Palace; en télugu, ఫలకునుమా ప్యాలస్) es uno de los mejores palacios de la ciudad de Hyderabad, en el estado de Telangana, India. Perteneció primero a la familia Paigah de Hyderabad, y más tarde al rey Nizam de Hyderabad. Se encuentra en un área de 13 hectáreas en Falaknuma, a cinco kilómetros de Charminar. Fue construido por Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra, primer ministro de Hyderabad y tío y hermanastro de Nizam VI, Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Bahadur. Falak-numa significa "como el cielo" o "Espejo del Cielo" en urdu.

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Dutch Falaknumapaleis

Het Falaknumapaleis (Telugu: ఫలక్నుమ పాలసు) is een paleis in de Indiase stad Haiderabad (Telangana). Het staat op een heuvel en is in een mengeling van neoclassicisme en Tudorstijl gebouwd. Falaknuma betekent in het Urdu spiegel van de lucht.

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English Falaknuma Palace

Built by Nawab Viqar al-Umra in 1872, Falaknuma is a stunning piece of architecture and the most opulent of the Nizam's palaces. The interior is particularly impressive and features the works of Florentine sculptors and a 100-seater dining table. The palace has been converted into a hotel run by the Taj group and is no longer accessible to the general public.

Address Engine Bowli, Falaknuma
bho फलकनुमा पैलेसbn ফলকনুমা প্যালেসes Palacio de Falaknumagu ફલાક્નુંમાં પેલેસhi फलकनुमा पैलेसkn ಫಾಲಕ್ನುಮಾ ಅರಮನೆml ഫലക്നുമ പാലസ്ms Istana Falaknumanl Falaknumapaleista பாலாக்ணுமா அரண்மனைte ఫలక్‌నుమా ప్యాలెస్ur فلک نما محل
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