Chester Racecourse

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horse racing venue in England

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English Chester Racecourse

Chester Racecourse, known as the Roodee, is officially recognised by the Guinness World Records as the oldest racecourse still in operation [1]. Horse racing at Chester dates back to the early sixteenth century, with 1539 cited as the year racing began. It is also thought to be the smallest racecourse of significance in England at 1 mile and 1 furlong (1.8 km) long.

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Japanese チェスター競馬場

チェスター競馬場(チェスターけいばじょう、Chester Racecourse)はイングランド北西部の都市チェスターにある競馬場。「Roodee(ルーディー)」の通称でも知られている。1539年に競馬の競走が行われたことが記録されており、2008年現在イギリスにおいて稼働している競馬場としては最古のものである。

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English Chester Racecourse

It's on the Roodee, and used to be the site of the Roman port. If you're really keen on horseracing, find out the dates of the 'races days' Chester hosts a few times a year. You may have to book/ will have to book tickets in advance, check with Chester racecourse, and there is quite a range of prices. Chester is a racecourse that holds flat races only, it is a very tight left hand course. If you just want to see a bit of the race atmosphere for free, the walls walk you right past a view of the action down below. City centre bars are best avoided before and after the races, unless you wish to be very sociable because they are usually full and difficult to get a drink.

ja チェスター競馬場
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