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Neighborhood and historic district in Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Geographical coordinates: 42.360278 -82.996111


English Indian Village, Detroit

Indian Village is a historic, affluent neighborhood located on Detroit's east side, bound to the north and south by Mack Avenue and East Jefferson Avenue, respectively, along the streets of Burns, Iroquois, and Seminole. The district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

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English Indian Village

A number of architecturally significant buildings built in the early 20th century make up Indian Village. Architectural styles seen in these houses include Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, and Mission/Spanish Revival. The neighborhood is not related to Indians or Native Americans.

Address bound to the north and south by Mack Avenue and East Jefferson Avenue

Italian Indian Village

Un certo numero di edifici architettonicamente significativi costruiti all'inizio del XX secolo compongono Indian Village. Gli stili architettonici visti in queste case includono Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival e Mission/Spanish Revival. Il quartiere non è legato agli indiani o ai nativi americani.

Directions Collegato a nord e sud da Mack Avenue e East Jefferson Avenue
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