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English Russell Industrial Center

The Russell Industrial Center is a complex of studios and shops is located at 1600 Clay Street in Detroit, Michigan. The Russell Industrial Center is a 2,200,000-square-foot (200,000 m2), seven building complex, designed by Albert Kahn for John William Murray in 1915. It contains studios and lofts and serves as a professional center for commercial and creative arts.

Murray Body Corporation supplier of bodies to Ford and the third largest auto-body company in the U.S. built the complex for its business in 1924. Murray soon diversified its business leaving the automotive industry in 1955.

The complex has become another of Detroit's renovated buildings. In 2003 Dennis Kefallinos purchased it and converted it into more than one million square feet of studio space and lofts for various artists, creative professionals, and businesses. The Russell Industrial Center works with non profits, local colleges, and businesses. Kefallinos owns several Detroit businesses, such as Nikki's Pizza in Greektown.

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English Russell Industrial Center

A seven-building industrial complex designed by Albert Kahn and constructed between 1915 and 1925. Originally an auto body supplier, it is now home to artists' and craftmakers' studios.

Address 1600 Clay St
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Italian Russell Industrial Center

Un complesso industriale di sette edifici progettato da Albert Kahn e costruito tra il 1915 e il 1925. Originariamente un fornitore di carrozzerie, ora ospita studi di artisti e artigiani.

Address 1600 Clay St
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