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English Stumpy Tower

Stumpy Tower is a former gaol in Girvan, South Ayrshire, Scotland. It has been suggested that its popular name "Auld Stumpy" comes from the Gaelic Olladh Stiom Paidh, meaning "Great Circle of Justice". (The name of Knockcushan Street, upon which the tower sits, means "Hill [or Knoll] of Justice".) Even King Robert the Bruce has held his court in this area of Girvan, as in the 13th Century the Chief Court of the Earldom of Carrick was Girvan and one of the earliest surviving courts cases in the South West of Scotland is recorded from the Girvan Court. It was in 1260 when an investigation took place into the ownership of the lands of "Akensawelle" about 1½ miles southwest of Barr.

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English Stumpy Tower (Auld Stumpy)

This was completed in 1827 to house the courts, police station and town jail; it replaced a 1789 jail which, having a thatched roof, never retained its prisoners long. The tower was decommissioned in 1871 but left standing as it carried the town clock. In 1911 the town hall was built around it, but this burned down and the area was cleared, so Auld Stumpy now stands in isolation.

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