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headquarters of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

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English Surgeons' Hall

Surgeons' Hall in Edinburgh, Scotland, is the headquarters of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSED). It houses the Surgeons' Hall Museum, and the library and archive of the RCSED. The present Surgeons' Hall was designed by William Henry Playfair and completed in 1832, and is a category A listed building.Surgeons' Hall Museum is the major medical museum in Scotland, and one of Edinburgh's many tourist attractions. The museum is recognised as a collection of national significance by the Scottish Government.

The museum reopened in September 2015, after being closed for an eighteen-month period of redevelopment.

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Chenese 外科医生大厅

外科医生大厅(Surgeons' Hall)位于苏格兰爱丁堡,是爱丁堡皇家外科学院(RCSED)的总部,设有外科医生大厅博物馆(Surgeons' Hall Museum),以及图书馆和档案馆。

爱丁堡外科医生大厅博物馆的历史可追溯到1697年。现在的外科医生大厅建于19世纪爱丁堡皇家外科学院正式成立以后,用于收藏解剖和病理标本,包括约翰·巴克莱和查尔斯爵士的藏品。其建筑是由William Henry Playfair设计,于1832年完成,现在已列为A类登录建筑。


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English Surgeons' Hall Museums

The permanent exhibitions comprise of the Pathology Museum, the History of Surgery Museum and the Dental Museum. Not suitable for young children (under 10) as the exhibits include human remains.

Address Nicolson Street
Price £6 adults, £3.50 concessions
Last Edit2016-03-06

Italian Surgeons' Hall Museums

L'esposizione permanente comprende il Pathology Museum, l'History of Surgery Museum e il Dental Museum. Non adatto ai bambini.

Address Nicolson Street
Directions di fronte al Festival Theatre
Price 6,50£ adulti, 4 ridotti (8/2017)
Hours Lun-Dom 10:00-17:00
zh 外科医生大厅zh-cn 外科大楼zh-hant 外科大樓
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