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English Talbot Rice Gallery

Talbot Rice Gallery is the public art gallery of the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. With a 19th century former natural history museum and a contemporary white cube gallery, Talbot Rice Gallery explores how the University of Edinburgh can contribute to contemporary art production today and into the future. Solo exhibitions provide international artists with access to University research and collections, whilst conceptual group exhibitions foreground key political and social issues. Exploring frontiers in the age of Brexit, raising the volume on female self-empowerment, or using the ‘extended mind’ in contemporary art to reframe cognition, Talbot Rice Gallery positions itself at the forefront of research and creative practice. To date, Talbot Rice Gallery has collaborated with some of the world's leading international artists John Akomfrah, David Claerbout, Hanne Darboven, Jenny Holzer, Alice Neel, Nam June Paik, Luc Tuymans and commissioned new work by Jesse Jones, Lucy Skaer, Dexter Sinister and Samson Young.

Since 2018 the Talbot Rice Residents have been a major part the Talbot Rice Gallery and Edinburgh College of Art community. Each year for five years, five new emerging artists from Scotland join the programme, which they then continue for two years, with the programme contributing richly to the ecology of Edinburgh’s visual arts context. Talbot Rice Gallery plays an active role in Edinburgh College of Art, working with students throughout the year, engaging them in the programme and curatorial vision. The annual Trading Zone exhibition hunts for distinct practices across all the schools and artforms of Edinburgh College of Art.

As well as being one of Scotland’s leading contemporary art platforms, curating exhibitions every year for Edinburgh’s festivals, Talbot Rice Gallery is also part of a unique family of international University Galleries, and enjoys partnerships with organisations such as Monash University Museum of Art and University of Bath's The Edge & Andrew Brownsword Gallery, through touring and co-production.

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English Talbot Rice Gallery

A gallery with changing exhibitions of cutting edge modern art. Even if the art is not to your taste, it is worth visiting due to its location in the Old College of Edinburgh University, a fine building built between 1789 and 1827 by Robert Adam and Henry Playfair. The Georgian Gallery has a Playfair interior and a mixture of Old Masters and modern installations.

Address University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge
Price Free entry to all exhibitions

Italian Talbot Rice Gallery

Una galleria con varie mostre di arte moderna d'avanguardia. Anche se non si apprezza molto l'arte, vale la pena visitare la galleria per la sua collocazione nell'Università vecchia di Edimburgo, un edificio costruito tra il 1789 e il 1827 da Robert Adam e Henry Playfair.

Address University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge
Price gratuito
Hours Mar-Ven 10:00-17:00, Sab: 12:00-17:00
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