Royal Crypt of Belgium

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burial place of the Belgian royal family

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English Royal Crypt (Belgium)

The Royal Crypt is underneath the Church of Our Lady in Laeken and the members of the royal family are buried here. There are several members of the family who are buried elsewhere because they are married with foreign royalty or nobility.

Source: Royal Crypt (Belgium)

Arabic السرداب الملكي (بلجيكا)

السرداب الملكي أو المقبرة الملكية هي مقبرة تقع تحت كنيسة السيدة في لايكن البلجيكية وهي المقبرة للعائلة المالكة البلجيكية.تحوي المقبرة على قبور ليوبولد الأول ملك بلجيكا، وليوبولد الثاني ملك بلجيكا، وليوبولد الثالث ملك بلجيكا، وبودوان الأول ملك بلجيكا وألبرت الأول ملك بلجيكا وزوجاتهم وأبنائهم. تم وضع حجر الأساس من قبل ليوبولد الأول ملك بلجيكا في عام 1854. وقد تم تكريس الكنيسة في عام 1872.

Source: السرداب الملكي (بلجيكا)

French Crypte royale (Belgique)

La crypte royale de la famille royale belge est le lieu où ont été inhumés les monarques du royaume de Belgique et leurs épouses ainsi que certains autres membres de la famille royale.

Source: Crypte royale (Belgique)

Dutch Koninklijke Crypte (België)

De Koninklijke Crypte is een grafkelder die zich onder de Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk te Laken bevindt. Hier worden alle gestorven leden van het Belgische koningshuis begraven, met uitzondering van leden die door hun huwelijk elders te rusten werden gelegd.

Source: Koninklijke Crypte (België)


English Royal Crypt (Koninklijke Crypte)

Crypt under the church, with tombs of royal family members and their spouses. Constructed under a cupola behind the choir, it is accessible with 2 staircases from the church. The monumental oak doors are engraved with mosaics of coat of arms of the 9 Belgian provinces. The central white marble tomb is occupied by the first king of Belgium, Leopold I, and his second wise Queen Louise of Orleans. The crown symbolizes the tomb of a king. Around the central tomb are the tombs of his successors and their spouses. The niches in the walls host other members of the royal family, including the regent of Belgium, Prince Charles, and other princes and princesses. The crypt was constructed as an initiative of Queen Louise because she preferred to be buried in Laken instead of in the Cathedral of St. Gudula and St. Michael closer to the city center. A contest for a design was organized and won by Joseph Poelaert (known as the architect of the monumental Palace of Justice). Construction started in 1854 and the crypt was commissioned in 1872 although the rest of the church was only finished by 1907. Because King Leopold I was not a catholic, it was decided to construct another entrance in the back wall of the crypt so that the deceased king body didn't have to pass through the Catholic church above. The crypt is open to the public 13 days per year, and occasionally members of the royal family can be spotted in the crypt to honor the deceased with flowers. According to the legend, faint whining can be heard in the crypt, attributed to the ghost of Queen Fabiola still refusing to die.

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