Fossil Grove

group of fossils located within Victoria Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Geographical coordinates: 55.8767 -4.3382


English Fossil Grove

The Fossil Grove is a group of fossils located within Victoria Park, Glasgow, Scotland. It was discovered in 1887 and contains the fossilised stumps and roots of eleven extinct Lepidodendron trees, which are sometimes described as "giant club mosses" but are more closely related to quillworts. The Fossil Grove is managed as a museum and has been a popular tourist attraction since it opened for public viewing in 1890.

The site, Glasgow's most ancient visitor attraction and the remnants of an extensive ancient forest, is viewed from within a building constructed to protect the fossils from the elements.

Source: Fossil Grove


English Fossil Grove

The remains of an ancient forest, around 330 million years old. This is the only example of a preserved forest from this period on Earth.

Address Victoria Park Drive North
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