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English Scotland Street School Museum

Scotland Street School Museum is a museum of school education in Glasgow, Scotland, in the district of Kingston. It is located in a former school designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh between 1903 and 1906. The building is one of Glasgow's foremost architectural attractions. It is located next to the Shields Road subway station.

Mackintosh based the design of the school on Rowallan Castle in Ayrshire and Falkland Palace. The building features a pair of windowed Scottish baronial style tower staircases and a tiled Drill Hall. During the building's construction, Mackintosh frequently battled the school board about the design (the board wanted a less expensive design). The total cost for the building was £34,291, which was over budget. The school was designed for an enrolment of 1,250. However, by the 1970s the area was experiencing urban decay, and the school's enrolment fell to under 100. The school closed in 1979.

Activities and exhibits at the museum include an opportunity to participate in a Victorian classroom situation, with actor employees such as Iain Simpson and Lesley Robertson playing teachers who impose strict discipline.

The school is the subject of a 2018 documentary by Margaret Moore, Scotland Street School Remembers.

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German Scotland Street School Museum

Das Scotland Street School Museum ist eine ehemalige Grundschule und heutiges Schulmuseum in der schottischen Stadt Glasgow. 1966 wurde das Bauwerk in die schottischen Denkmallisten in der höchsten Denkmalkategorie A aufgenommen.

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French Scotland Street School Museum

le Scotland Street School Museum est un musée de l'enseignement scolaire dans le district de Kingston à Glasgow en Écosse. Il est situé à côté de la station de métro Shields Road dans une ancienne école conçue par Charles Rennie Mackintosh entre 1903 et 1906. Le musée est listé en catégorie A des monuments classés d'Écosse. Il est donc considéré comme un édifice d'importance nationale ou internationale et exemple important d'un style spécifique.

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Chenese 苏格兰街学校博物馆

苏格兰街学校博物馆(Scotland Street School Museum)是苏格兰格拉斯哥的一个学校教育博物馆。它位于一所由查尔斯·雷尼·麦金托什设计的前学校,建于1903年-1906年。该建筑是格拉斯哥最重要的建筑景点之一。它毗邻Shields 路地铁站。


麦金托什的设计灵感来自埃尔郡的罗阿伦城堡(Rowallan Castle)和福克兰宫(Falkland Palace)。博物馆提供各种活动和展品。公众有机会参与维多利亚课堂,女演员莱斯莉罗伯森扮演老师“巴克斯特小姐”。

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English Scotland Street School

Charles Rennie Mackintosh's last major building - thoughtfully designed, with an excellent museum covering both Mackintosh and the changing faces of schools.

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zh 苏格兰街学校博物馆
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