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English Tintern Abbey, County Wexford

Tintern Abbey was a Cistercian abbey located on the Hook peninsula, County Wexford, Ireland.

The Abbey – which is today in ruins, some of which have been restored – was founded in c.1200 by William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, as the result of a vow he had made when his boat was caught in a storm nearby. While the specific date of foundation is unconfirmed in some sources, in a 1917 analysis for the Royal Irish Academy, church historian J. H. Bernard suggests a foundation date of 3 December 1200.Once established, the abbey was colonised by monks from the Cistercian abbey at Tintern in Monmouthshire, Wales, of which Marshal was also patron. To distinguish the two, the mother house in Wales was sometimes known as "Tintern Major" and the abbey in Ireland as "Tintern de Voto" (Tintern of the vow).After the Dissolution of the Monasteries the abbey and its grounds were granted to firstly to Sir James Croft, and then in 1575 to Anthony Colclough of Staffordshire, a soldier of Henry VIII. His descendants became the Colclough Baronets. The final member of the Colclough family to reside at Tintern was Lucey Marie Biddulph Colclough who donated the abbey to the Irish state.Between 1982 and 2007, the National Monuments service of the Office of Public Works undertook a number of excavation and heritage development efforts at the abbey, including special conservation measures for local bat colonies. Additional works were undertaken after a fire in the site's visitor centre, which damaged part of the 19th century outbuildings on the abbey's grounds.

Source: Tintern Abbey, County Wexford

German Tinternparva Abbey

Tinternparva Abbey (irisch Mainistir Thinteirn; Tintern minor; Tintern de voto zur Unterscheidung vom Mutterkloster Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire, Wales) ist eine ehemalige Zisterzienserabtei im County Wexford in der heutigen Republik Irland. Sie liegt im Südosten der Insel in der nach 1814 gegründeten Ortschaft Saltmills auf der Halbinsel Hook am linken Ufer eines in die Bannow Bay fließenden Bachs.

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Spanish Abadía de Tintern (Wexford)

La Abadía Tintern (en inglés: Tintern Abbey) es una abadía cirsterciense situada en la localidad de Saltmills, condado de Wexford, Irlanda.

Se trata de las ruinas de un centro monástico perteneciente a la orden del Císter. El conjunto fue fundado en el siglo XIII por William Marshall, Conde de Pembroke, tras ofrecer la construcción del monasterio cuando su barco se vio envuelto en una tormenta en el mar. Al ser salvado cumplió la promesa que había hecho.

La abadía se encuentra en ruinas.

Source: Abadía de Tintern (Wexford)

French Abbaye de Tinternparva

L’abbaye de Tinternparva (ou de Tintern) est une ancienne abbaye cistercienne située sur la péninsule de Hook (en), dans le comté de Wexford, en Irlande. Comme la plupart des abbayes britanniques, elle a été fermée par Henri VIII durant la campagne de dissolution des monastères.

Source: Abbaye de Tinternparva

Italian Tintern Abbey (Irlanda)

Tintern Abbey era una abbazia cistercense ubicata nelle penisola di Hook, Contea di Wexford in Irlanda.

Source: Tintern Abbey (Irlanda)


English Tintern Abbey

This Cistercian abbey was founded in 1200 by the Earl of Pembroke, who'd vowed to do so if the heavens preserved him when his ship was caught in a storm. It was populated by monks from Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire, which by way of disambiguation was dubbed Tintern Major while the new abbey was Tintern de Voto - "of the Vow". It was dissolved in 1539 and the lands passed to the Colclough family until the 20th century. It's a substantial ruin with nave, chancel, tower, chapel and cloister, set in wooded parkland with walking trails.

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