Snowdon Mountain Railway

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rack-and-pinion railway in Wales

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English Snowdon Mountain Railway

The Snowdon Mountain Railway (SMR; Welsh: Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa) is a narrow gauge rack and pinion mountain railway in Gwynedd, north-west Wales. It is a tourist railway that travels for 4.7 miles (7.6 km) from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales.The SMR is the only public rack and pinion railway in the United Kingdom, and after more than 100 years of operation it remains a popular tourist attraction, carrying more than 130,000 passengers annually. The line is owned and operated by Heritage Great Britain, operators of several other tourist attractions in the United Kingdom.

The railway is operated in some of the harshest weather conditions in Britain, with services curtailed from reaching the summit in bad weather and remaining closed during the winter from November to mid-March. Single carriage trains are pushed up the mountain by either steam locomotives or diesel locomotives. It has also previously used diesel railcars as multiple units. The railway has two new hybrid locomotives on order, for introduction at the start of the 2020 season.

The SMR was the inspiration for the fictional Culdee Fell Railway, appearing in the book Mountain Engines, part of The Railway Series written by Reverend W. Awdry.

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German Snowdon Mountain Railway

Die Snowdon Mountain Railway (walisisch Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa) ist die einzige Zahnradbahn in Großbritannien. Ihr Ausgangspunkt ist Llanberis im Norden von Wales. Die Bahn hat eine Spurweite von 800 mm. Die verwendeten Zahnstangen entsprechen dem System Abt.

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French Snowdon Mountain Railway

Le Snowdon Mountain Railway (en gallois : Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa, littéralement « chemin de fer de montagne du Snowdon ») est un chemin de fer à crémaillère à voie étroite qui relie Llanberis au sommet du mont Snowdon en une distance de 7,6 kilomètres. Il s'agit du seul train à crémaillère public du Royaume-Uni,. Les trains à wagon unique sont propulsés soit par des locomotives à vapeur soit Diesel. Des autorails et des rames automotrices ont également été utilisées.

Le Snowdon Mountain Railway est construit entre décembre 1894, date à laquelle Enid Assheton-Smith, en l'honneur de qui est nommée la locomotive numéro 2, donne le premier coup de pelle du projet, et février 1896, pour un coût total de 63 800 £ de l'époque (équivalent à 5 474 000 £ de 2012). Après plus de cent ans de service, il demeure une attraction touristique populaire.

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Italian Snowdon Mountain Railway

La Snowdon Mountain Railway ("Ferrovia di montagna dello Snowdon"; in gallese: Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa) è una ferrovia a scartamento ridotto del parco nazionale di Snowdonia, nel Galles nord-occidentale, che collega dal 1896 la località di Llanberis alla cima del monte Snowdon, la vetta più alta del Paese.

Si tratta, oltre che della più alta ferrovia, anche dell'unica ferrovia a cremagliera aperta al pubblico in Gran Bretagna.

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Japanese スノードン登山鉄道

スノードン登山鉄道(英語: The Snowdon Mountain Railway、略:SMR、ウェールズ語: Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa)は、北西ウェールズのグウィネズにある狭軌のラック式鉄道である。スランベリスから、ウェールズ最高峰であるスノードン山の頂上までの4.7マイル(7.5km)を結ぶ観光鉄道である。

スノードン登山鉄道は、イギリスで唯一の一般に乗車できるラック式鉄道であり、開業から100年以上も人気の観光地であり続けている。路線はイギリスのいくつかの観光地を経営するHeritage Great Britain PLCにより運営される。



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Russian Сноудонская горная железная дорога

Сноудонская горная железная дорога (англ.: Snowdon Mountain Railway (SMR), валл.: Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa) — узкоколейная (800 мм) зубчатая железная дорога системы Абта длиною в 7,53 км (4 мили 1188 ярдов), соединяющая Лланберис в валлийском округе Гуинет с вершиной горы Сноудон. Открылась для движения в 1896 году и функционирует по сей день как историческая железная дорога.

Сноудонская горная железная дорога послужила прообразом выдуманной Калдифельской железной дороги, появившейся в книге "Mountain Engines", части "Железнодорожных историй" Уилберта Оудри, которая в свою очередь послужила основой мультсериала "Томас и его друзья".

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Chenese 斯諾登登山鐵路

斯諾登登山鐵路(Snowdon Mountain Railway)是位於英國威爾斯西北部格溫內斯威爾斯最高峰斯諾登山的一條登山鐵路。斯諾登登山鐵路全長7.6公里(4.7英里),起點是蘭貝里斯,終點是斯諾登山的山頂。斯諾登登山鐵路也是英國唯一的一條公共登山鐵路。

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English Snowdon Mountain Railway (Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa)

take to the summit and walk back down.

Address LL55 4TT
cy Rheilffordd yr Wyddfaja スノードン登山鉄道kw Hyns-horn an Woodhvaru Сноудонская горная железная дорогаsl Snowdonska gorska železnicazh 斯諾登登山鐵路
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