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fortified complex by the River Boyne in Ireland

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English Millmount Fort

Millmount is a large fortified complex situated on a great mound on the South bank of the River Boyne located in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland. The fort has played a crucial part in Drogheda's history and has been a dominant feature from Norman settlement, to Cromwell's invasion to the more recent Civil War in 1922, in which the famous Martello tower was shelled and all but destroyed. Today the complex houses the Millmount Museum which houses a wide variety of artifacts of local and national importance. The complex is Drogheda's most dominant feature, clearly visible from all parts of the town. The Martello tower is affectionately known as "The Cup and Saucer" by locals. The whole fort is a national monument and has been designated as Drogheda's Cultural Quarter.

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English Millmount Fort

The prominent hillock just south of the river is artificial - it was probably built over a Neolithic passage tomb, but has never been excavated. It became fortified with a motte-and-bailey in Norman times then by a stone castle. Here in 1649 the defenders of the town made their last stand before surrendering to Cromwell, but an earlier demand for surrender had been spurned, so Cromwell reckoned he was within his rights to slaughter them. In the 18th century a barracks was built around the hillock, and in 1808 it was capped by a Martello Tower. The last military action came in the Civil War of 1922: the fort was occupied by forces opposed to the Anglo-Irish Treaty, so they were shelled and dislodged by Irish government troops. The museum displays the town's turbulent history, and admission includes the Martello Tower, with great views (and artillery positions) on its terrace. There's a cafe in the barracks yard.

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