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English Hong Lim Park

Hong Lim Park (Malay: Taman Hong Lim, Chinese: 芳林公园; pinyin: Fānglín Gōngyuán), formerly Hong Lim Green and Dunman's Green, is a 0.94-hectare (2.3-acre) heritage park in Singapore that is "the only venue in Singapore where public protests are allowed", next to Clarke Quay MRT station.

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Chenese 芳林公園

芳林公園(英語:Hong Lim Park)為新加坡的一座公園,位於新加坡商業區中心,佔地0.94-公頃(2.3-英畝),於2000年落成,於同年9月1日設立一個演說者之角(為新加坡唯一一處批准經由向國家公園局註冊個人資料的新加坡人聚集及示威的地方),參考英國倫敦海德公園建成。公园名称取自19世紀新加坡华商及太平绅士章芳林(Cheang Hong Lim)。

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English Hong Lim Park

Home to the Speakers' Corner, the only place in Singapore where protests are sanctioned albeit watched over carefully by the police. Never really used for its purpose until recent issues stirred locals from their apathy. Hosts Pink Dot SG (a 20,000-strong gathering to support gay rights) every June. Foreigners are allowed to watch but not participate in any protests.

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