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square in Clermont-Ferrand, France

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English Place de Jaude

Jaude Square (French: Place de Jaude) is a major city square and meeting place in the centre of Clermont-Ferrand, France. It is bordered by Rue Blatin on the North and Avenue Julien on the south. The square is home to many attractions, such as the Opera Theatre, the Jaude Shopping Mall and Saint-Pierre-des-Minimes Church.Jaude Square was founded in the Roman times but was abandoned in the Middle Ages.

Overlooking the square is a massive statue of the ancient Gallic leader Vercingetorix. Erected in 1903, it was created by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who also made the Statue of Liberty.The modern square was inaugurated on 17 June 2006, with over 30,000 people coming to attend the opening ceremony.

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French Place de Jaude

La place de Jaude est la place la plus importante et la plus connue de Clermont-Ferrand.

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Portuguese Place de Jaude

A place de Jaude, em português "Praça de Jaude", é a mais central e a mais conhecida praça de Clermont-Ferrand. Em volta deste espaço de 3,5 hectares, podemos encontrar a igreja Saint-Pierre-des-Minimes, a ópera municipal e grandes lojas como as Galerias Lafayette ou o Centro Comercial Jaude.

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English Place de Jaude

The city centre, housing many cafés, stores, restaurants, and a shopping mall. People gather here to watch important sporting matches which are shown on giant screens, as well as to celebrate festivals. Its centerpiece is the large bronze statue of Vercingetorix, the Gallic leader, and Julius Caesar's opponent, during the Gallic Wars, 2,000 years ago. He led a stunning victory at Gergovie (6 km south of town, the ruins and archaeological digs atop the battle field plateau are also worth a visit) which was Caesar's lone defeat during this campaign. Vercingetorix is also immortalized in bronze tiles strewn about the streets along with Clermont-Ferrand's other two famous sons: Pope Urban II who launched the first crusade, and famed mathematician Blaise Pascal.

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French Place de Jaude

Lieu de rendez-vous de manifestations importantes.

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Russian Пляс-де-Жод

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