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English Uzkoye

Uzkoe (Russian: Узкое) is a historic estate in the southwestern part of Moscow. Before 1629, the area belonged to Prince Gagarin, then it passed to Maksim Streshnev, a cousin of Tsarina Eudoxia Streshneva.

Upon the death of Maksim's grandson in 1692, the ownership passed sideways to a cousin, Tikhon Streshnev. It was he who commissioned a singular five-domed church to be built there in 1698-1704. Its four-petaled plan was of Ukrainian Baroque inspiration; but all five towers are equal in height and crowned by typical Russian onion domes. This five-towered church, dedicated to the Theotokos of Kazan, is quite extraordinary in Russian architecture. Its design is attributed to Osip Startsev, who was responsible for some of the major Baroque cathedrals of Kiev but also worked in Moscow.

Tikhon's granddaughter Sophie was the last of her race; she married Prince Galitzine, whose son Alexis built a Baroque residence flanked by two wings. Alexis also built a regular park on the grounds and laid out a series of ponds. His daughter Marie was wife of Count Pyotr Aleksandrovich Tolstoy, who received Uzkoe as a dowry and had a larch alley planted there. In the mid-19th century the estate passed through marriage to the Troubetzkoys who had the old country house swept away and replaced with a Neoclassical mansion, which borrowed many details from its predecessor. It was there that the Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov died in 1900.

After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Troubetzkoys were expelled from Uzkoe and their estate was given over to the Soviet Academy of Sciences, which has used it as a rest home for its members. Ski treks of Uzkoe were popular with Lev Landau, while Andrei Kolmogorov liked swimming in the local ponds. The church had been stripped of its 17th-century icon screen (its whereabouts are still unknown) and until 1995 it housed libraries which were looted in Nazi Germany by the Red Army; in 1995 it reverted to the Russian Orthodox Church.

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Bulgarian Узкое

Узкое е усадба в район Ясенево, Югозападен административен окръг на град Москва, Русия. Обкръжена е от столичния Битцевски парк.

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French Château d'Ouzkoïe

Le château d'Ouzkoïe (Узкое) est un château néoclassique russe aux environs de Moscou dans le district administratif sud-ouest de la municipalité et le raïon d'Iassenevo. Le domaine comprend le château avec des dépendances, la maison de l'intendant, une glacière, une orangerie, des écuries avec la maison du forgeron, une chapelle et un parc avec des bassins en terrasse et trois portails.

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Italian Uzkoe

Uzkoe (in russo: Узкое?) è una storica tenuta della città di Mosca. Si trova nel quartiere di Jasenevo, presso il distretto sud-occidentale della capitale russa.

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Russian Узкое

У́зкое — бывшая дворянская усадьба, объект культурного наследия регионального значения, находящийся на особо охраняемой природной территории «Природно-исторический парк Битцевский лес». Входит в состав Юго-Западного административного округа Москвы, в районе Ясенево. С 1922 года — санаторий «Узкое» Академии наук, с 2016 года является самостоятельным подразделением Федерального научно-клинического центра реаниматологии и реабилитологии (ФГБНУ ФНКЦ РР).

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German translation from Russian

Uzkoe ist ein ehemaliges Adelsgut, ein Objekt von kulturellem Erbe von regionaler Bedeutung, im Naturschutzgebiet „Bittsevsky Forest Natural and Historical Park“. Es ist Teil des Südwestverwaltungskreises von Moskau im Bezirk Yasenevo. Seit 1922 ist das Sanatorium Narodskoye der Akademie der Wissenschaften seit 2016 eine unabhängige Einheit des föderalen wissenschaftlichen und klinischen Zentrums für Wiederbelebung und Rehabilitation (FGBNU FNCC RR).

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Russian Усадьба «Узкое»

Усадьба Узкое на протяжении почти ста лет принадлежала семейству князей Голицыных. Облик усадьбы в создают здания, сооруженные в 1770—1780-е гг. при Голицыных. Последующие владельцы лишь перестраивали и дополняли сложившийся при них ансамбль. Почти целиком сохранился усадебный комплекс: бывший барский дом с флигелями, службы, дом управляющего, ледник, оранжерея, конный двор и кузница, церковь, парк с системой террасных прудов, трое ворот.

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