Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi

chapel in Antarctica

Geographical coordinates: -63.4 -56.983333333333


English Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi (Esperanza Base)

The Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi (Spanish: Capilla de San Francisco de Asís) is a chapel of the Roman Catholic Church located on the Esperanza Base administered by Argentina, on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula in Antarctica. It is one of eight churches on Antarctica. Founded on February 18, 1976, and installed by the Argentine Army, it was the first Catholic chapel of the Antarctic continent.

The chapel provides spiritual support to the residents and staff of the base. Its first priest was the Jesuit Buenaventura De Filippis, born in Italy. This site has been part of several Antarctic milestones, including the first religious marriage, the baptism of Emilio Palma, who was the first recorded birth in Antarctica, and first communion ceremony.

Source: Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi (Esperanza Base)

Spanish Capilla de San Francisco de Asís (Antártida)

La capilla San Francisco de Asís es una capilla de la Iglesia católica ubicada en la base Esperanza de Argentina en el extremo norte de la península antártica en la Antártida. Fue inaugurada el 18 de febrero de 1976, e instalada por el Ejército Argentino. Es la primera capilla católica del continente antártico.[2]​[3]​ Es uno de los pocos templos cristianos en la Antártida, los únicos lugares de culto religioso en este continente.

Source: Capilla de San Francisco de Asís (Antártida)


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