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state capitol building of the U.S. state of Illinois

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English Illinois State Capitol

The Illinois State Capitol, located in Springfield, Illinois, houses the legislative and executive branches of the government of the U.S. state of Illinois. The current building is the sixth to serve as the capitol since Illinois was admitted to the United States in 1818. Built in the architectural styles of the French Renaissance and Italianate, it was designed by Cochrane and Garnsey, an architecture and design firm based in Chicago. Ground was broken for the new capitol on March 11, 1868, and the building was completed twenty years later for a total cost of $4.5 million.The building contains the chambers for the Illinois General Assembly, which is made up of the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate. An office for the Governor of Illinois, additional offices, and committee rooms are also in the building. The capitol's footprint is in the shape of a Greek cross with four equal wings. Its tall central dome, and tower roofs, are covered in zinc to provide a silvery facade which does not weather. Architecture scholar Jean A. Follett describes it as a building that "is monumental in scale and rich in detail." The interior of the dome features a plaster frieze painted to resemble bronze, which illustrates scenes from Illinois history, and stained glass windows, including a stained glass replica of the state seal in the oculus of the dome.

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Czech Illinois State Capitol

Illinois State Capitol se nachází v Springfieldu, v okrese Sangamon County, ve státě Illinois ve Spojených státech amerických. V této budově sídlí Kongres státu Illinois.

Budova byla postavena v letech 1868–1888. Podobně jako většina budov zákonodárných sněmů, i Illinois State Capitol má kupoli. Budova je 116 m dlouhá, 81,7 m široká, průměr kupole je 28, 2 m a její vrchol se nachází 110 m nad úrovní ulice. Výstavba budovy stála 4,5 milionu dolarů.

Kongres státu Illionis se skládá ze dvou komor:

Sněmovna reprezentantů Illinois (118 členů)

Senát Illinois (59 členů)

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German Illinois State Capitol

Das Illinois State Capitol steht in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, Vereinigte Staaten.

Im Capitol tagt der Kongress von Illinois. Er besteht aus zwei Kammern.

Repräsentantenhaus von Illinois (118 Mitglieder)

Senat von Illinois (59 Mitglieder)

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French Capitole de l'État de l'Illinois

Le Capitole de l'Illinois, construit entre 1868 et 1888 par Alfred H. Piquenard, se trouve à Springfield, capitale de l'État. Il est inscrit au Registre national des lieux historiques en 1985.

Source: Capitole de l'État de l'Illinois

Italian Campidoglio (Springfield)

Il Campidoglio di Springfield (in lingua inglese Illinois State Capitol) è la sede governativa dello Stato dell'Illinois, negli Stati Uniti d'America.

Fu completato nel 1868 dall'architetto Alfred H. Piquenard in stile neo-rinascimentale francese.

Source: Campidoglio (Springfield)

Japanese イリノイ州会議事堂

イリノイ州会議事堂(イリノイしゅうかいぎじどう、Illinois State Capitol)は、アメリカ合衆国イリノイ州の州都スプリングフィールドに立地する同州議会の議事堂。イリノイ州議会の上下両院の議場のほか、州知事室が置かれている。現在建っているフレンチ・ルネサンス様式の庁舎は、1868年にシカゴの建築事務所が設計し、450万ドル(当時)を投じて20年後の1888年に完成したもので、1818年にイリノイが州に昇格してから6代目のものである。1985年には、イリノイ州会議事堂は国家歴史登録財に登録された。

Source: イリノイ州会議事堂

Dutch Capitool van Illinois

Het Capitool van Illinois (Engels: Illinois State Capitol) is het gebouw waar de Senaat van Illinois bijeenkomt. Het gebouw uit 1868 is gelegen in Springfield, Illinois.

Het staat in het National Register of Historic Places sinds 1985. Het oude capitool (Old State Capitol) is een National Historic Landmark.

Source: Capitool van Illinois

Portuguese Capitólio Estadual de Illinois

O Capitólio Estadual de Illinois (em inglês: Illinois State Capitol) é a sede do governo do estado de Illinois. Localizado na capital, Springfield, o edifício foi construído em 1868. O Capitólio foi incluído no Registro Nacional de Lugares Históricos, em 21 de novembro de 1985.

== Referências ==

Source: Capitólio Estadual de Illinois

Russian Капитолий штата Иллинойс

Капитолий штата Иллинойс (англ. Illinois State Capitol) — историческое здание в городе Спрингфилд, штат Иллинойс, в котором располагаются офис губернатора штата и Генеральная ассамблея Иллинойса. Нынешнее здание является шестым по счёту капитолием штата с момента его присоединения к США в 1818 году. Выполнено в архитектурном стиле французского Ренессанса. Проект разработан фирмой Cochrane and Garnsey из Чикаго.

Source: Капитолий штата Иллинойс

Slovak Illinois State Capitol

Illinois State Capitol sa nachádza v Springfielde, Sangamon County, IL.

Bol postavený v rokoch 1868 - 1888. Podobne ako väčšina štátnych kapitolov, aj Illinois State Capitol má kupolu. Budova je 116 m dlhá, 81,7 m široká, priemer kupole je 28,2 m a jej vrchol sa nachádza 110 m nad úrovňou ulice. Výstavba budovy stála 4,5 milióna dolárov.

V Illinois State Capitol sídli Kongres Illinoisu. Skladá sa z dvoch komôr:

Snemovňa reprezentantov Illinoisu (118 členov)

Senát Illinoisu (59 členov)

Source: Illinois State Capitol

Chenese 伊利諾伊州議會大廈

伊利諾伊州議會大廈(Illinois State Capitol)是美國伊利諾伊州議會的開會地點和伊利諾伊州政府的辦公場所,現在的伊利諾伊州議會大廈於1869年開始修建,在1889年竣工,是第六代建築,修建費用450萬美元。

Source: 伊利諾伊州議會大廈


English Illinois State Capitol

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