Lincoln's New Salem

recreated former frontier village in Illinois

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English Lincoln's New Salem

Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site is a reconstruction of the former village of New Salem in Menard County, Illinois, where Abraham Lincoln lived from 1831 to 1837. While in his twenties, the future U.S. President made his living in this village as a boatman, soldier in the Black Hawk War, general store owner, postmaster, surveyor, and rail splitter, and was first elected to the Illinois General Assembly.

Lincoln left New Salem for Springfield in 1837, and the village was generally abandoned about 1840, as other towns developed. After Lincoln's death in 1865, historians and biographers collected the memories, documents, and plans of the village from former residents and neighbors of Lincoln, and the site's archaeological remains were studied. In 1921, a state park opened on the village site to commemorate Lincoln and Illinois' frontier history. The Civilian Conservation Corps built a historic recreation of New Salem based on its original foundations in the 1930s. The village is located 15 mi (24 km) northwest of Springfield, and approximately 3 mi (4.8 km) south of Petersburg.

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Bulgarian Линкълнс Ню Сейлъм

Линкълнс Ню Сейлъм или Ню Сейлъм на Линкълн (на английски: Lincoln's New Salem) e исторически възстановено селище в окръг Менърд, щата Илинойс, Съединените американски щати. То представя бившето село Ню Сейлъм (на английски: New Salem) на президента на САЩ Ейбрахам Линкълн.

Не бива де се бърка с едноименното село Ню Салем в същия щат Илинойс, но в окръг Пайк, намиращ се на запад-югозапад край границата на щата.

Намира се на 20 мили от град Спрингфийлд, столицата на щата Илинойс. В къщата, в която е живял Линкълн, е уреден музеят Lincoln`s New Salem Historic Site.

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German Lincoln’s New Salem

Lincoln’s New Salem im Menard County im US-Bundesstaat Illinois ist ein dem Andenken Abraham Lincolns gewidmetes Freilichtmuseum. Es wurde in den 1930er Jahren als Rekonstruktion an der Stelle des aufgegebenen Präriestädtchens New Salem errichtet, in dem der spätere US-Präsident 100 Jahre zuvor seine ersten Erwachsenenjahre verlebt hatte.

Source: Lincoln’s New Salem

Italian Lincoln's New Salem

Il Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site è una ricostruzione dell'ex villaggio di New Salem nella Contea di Menard (Illinois), dove Abraham Lincoln visse dal 1831 al 1837.

Verso i vent'anni il futuro Presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America si guadagnò da vivere in questo sperduto borgo di frontiera in qualità di barcaiolo prima e di soldato nella guerra di Falco Nero poi, oltre che come proprietario di un grande magazzino, postino, geometra e spaccalegna: qui fu eletto per la prima volta all'Assemblea generale dell'Illinois.

Lincoln lasciò New Salem per Springfield (Illinois) nel 1837 ed il villaggio venne generalmente abbandonato intorno al 1840, mentre altre città si stavano contemporaneamente sviluppavano. Negli anni 1930 il "Civilian Conservation Corps" produsse una ricostruzione storica di New Salem sulla base delle sue basi originali, stabilendo un parco statale che commemorava la storia di frontiera di Lincoln e dell'Illinois. Il villaggio si trova a 24 km a Nord-ovest di Springfield e a circa 4,8 km a Sud di Petersburg (Illinois).

Source: Lincoln's New Salem

Chenese 新塞勒姆 (伊利諾伊州默納德縣)

新塞勒姆(英語:New Salem)是位於美國伊利諾伊州默納德縣的一個非建制地區。該地的面積和人口皆未知。

Source: 新塞勒姆 (伊利諾伊州默納德縣)


English Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site

This reconstruction of over two dozen 1830s log cabin houses at their original sites where Lincoln lived as a young man for over six years. Period costumes, oral historians and an attached evening theatre (see Performances link at this site) make this village of interest for all ages.

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