Xochimilco Ecological Park and Plant Market

Geographical coordinates: 19.2831 -99.0963


English Xochimilco Ecological Park and Plant Market

Xochimilco Ecological Park and Plant Market is a natural reserve or park, with a 13-hectare (32-acre) plant market, the largest in Latin America. The park and market are located in the southern Mexico City borough of Xochimilco, about 23 km south of the historic center of the city. The park was inaugurated in 1993, on chinampas (artificial lake islands) which had been previously declared as part of a World Heritage site. However, the area's ecology was badly degraded, and the park was established in order to revitalize and preserve the ecosystem. Success has been mixed. While much of the wetlands have been recharged, pollution and illegal settlements in the area remain as threats. As the park needs to be self-sustaining economically, there are a number of ways that the park raises money. One of the best known of these is the Xochimilco or Cuemanco Plant Market, which rents stalls to ornamental plant producers/sellers near the main entrance of the park.

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Russian Экологический парк Сочимилько

Самый большой парк Мехико. В центре парка расположено озеро с искусственными островами (чинампас), также изначально происходящими от ацтеков. По озеру и каналам передвигаются на лодках (тех самых, на которые садятся на причалах в центре города). Вход и въезд в парк платный.

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