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English Robert William Roper House

The Robert William Roper House is an historic house at 9 East Battery in Charleston, South Carolina. It was built on land purchased in May 1838 by Robert W. Roper, a state legislator from the parish of St. Paul's and a prominent member of the South Carolina Agricultural Society, whose income derived from his position as a cotton planter and slave holder. The house is an outstanding example of early 19th Century Greek Revival architecture, built on a monumental scale. Although there are now two houses between the Roper House and White Point Garden to the south, at the time of its construction nothing stood between the house and the harbor beyond. It is said that Mr. Roper "had wanted his house to be the first and most prominent to be seen as visitors approached Charleston by sea."The Roper House was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1973. That same year, the authors of the nomination form for the National Register of Historic Places described the house as "exceptional...well-proportioned and architecturally be preserved and protected in situ at all costs."

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Russian Дом Роберта Уильяма Роупера

Трёхэтажный кирпичный дом, построенный в 1838 году - пример неоклассицизма (той его разновидности, которая в США называется греческим возрождением). На улицу выходит боковой фасад дома, а главный фасад замечателен своим портиком с колоннами высотой во все три этажа (и без всяких балконов). Первый владелец, Роберт Уильям Роупер, был богатым хлопковым плантатором, а с 1929 по 1968 года дом принадлежал Соломону Гуггенгейму, основателю музея Гуггенгейма в Нью-Йорке. Гуггенгейм, впрочем, и жил в Нью-Йорке, а в Чарлстон только приезжал отдыхать.

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