Victory Park

park in Dushanbe

Geographical coordinates: 38.585833 68.815909


English Victory Park, Dushanbe

Victory Park (Tajik: Боғи Ғалаба; Russian: Парк Победы) is a park in honor of the Great Patriotic War located in the mountainous part of Dushanbe in Tajikistan. The park was completed in 1985.

Source: Victory Park, Dushanbe

Russian Парк Победы (Душанбе)

Парк Победы (тадж. Боғи Ғалаба) расположен в нагорной части (восточные холмы) г. Душанбе.

Source: Парк Победы (Душанбе)


Russian Парк Победы

В парке находятся мемориал Победы.

SourceДушанбе (
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