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English Pulacayo

The historic industrial site of Pulacayo is located in the Potosí Department of Bolivia. The mining center developed around Huanchaca, the world's second largest silver mine, and was founded in 1833. Features of the mining center include:

Aniceto Arce’s house

The Maestranza

The refinery’s smelting works

A spinning mill

The first railroad to ever reach BoliviaPulacayo also contains a train that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid robbed.

Source: Pulacayo

German Pulacayo

Pulacayo ist eine Minensiedlung im Departamento Potosí im Hochland des südamerikanischen Andenstaates Bolivien.

Source: Pulacayo

French Pulacayo

Pulacayo est un site industriel situé dans le département de Potosí en Bolivie. Ce centre minier est basé autour d'Huanchaca, la seconde plus grande mine d'argent au monde, et a été fondé en 1833.

Le site comprend :

la maison d'Aniceto Arce

le Maestranza

le premier chemin de fer à avoir atteint la BoliviePulacayo contient également le train attaqué par Butch Cassidy et Sundance Kid.

Source: Pulacayo


English Pulacayo

Nearby world's second largest silver mine, at this historical site there's the Bolivia's first rail road and a train robbed by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

SourceSalar de Uyuni (en.wikivoyage.org)


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