Paseo de la Guerra

building in California, United States

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Geographical coordinates: 34.4201 -119.7


English Paseo de la Guerra

The Paseo de la Guerra is a complex of historic buildings in downtown Santa Barbara, California. Since 1977 it is listed (as El Paseo and Casa de la Guerra) in National Register of Historic Places.It includes the Spanish Colonial architecture adobe Casa de la Guerra, the restored historic home of a Spanish Military Officer, Civil Servant, and Californio rancher José de la Guerra y Noriega on which construction begun in the 18th century.

Paseo de la Guerra became an artisan and shops arcade integrating the adobe in the mid-20th century, with Spanish Colonial Revival architecture by renowned local architect Lutah Maria Riggs, the associate of George Washington Smith.

Paseo de la Guerra continues as a major landmark and attraction, as a museum and boutique mall.

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Russian Эль Пасео

Комплекс зданий колониального времени, самое старое из которых относится к началу XIX века, в квартале от State Street. Всё те же белые стены и черепичные крыши. Через Эль Пасео ведёт узкий внутриквартальный проход, а сами здания давно превращены в магазины и художественные галереи.

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